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#Fh2022 "Fireside Fuck" (Part 3)

Fuckhouse 2022 was a lil chilly in mid November with temps in the 30s for the first couple days. The jacuzzi however turned out to be where most of the action started, as it was with Rico Pruitt, Butta Nutt and Melanin Prince; Country Boy Jayy. These three behemoths of porn are particularly orally situated, burying their faces in sweet melanin boy pussy and swallowing hole, the thickness of each other dicks. Starting out in the hot tub things quickly begin to heat up. The breathing intensifies, the craving grows and the lust is at a fever pitch. When the three begin to fuck, its about to get ever hotter. The red bustling glare of the fire is their backdrop. Rico Pruitt is a master dick sucker, savoring every inch and using the whole of his throat. Lips, tongue, cheeks to vacuum the soul from his clutch. Whew, lets talk about Butta tho. He loves a juicy dick between his lips as well. Country Boy is in heaven as he obediently takes on the two glistening dicks that are fuking him from behind. The chemistry between Rico and Butta cannot be denied. The intense passionate kissing and sucking and cheering the other on. The dicks swell to combustible levels. First its Butta, then its Pruitt pushin his nutt deep inside. The Country Boy Jayy cumshot provides one of the best shots of the weekend. Stroking tightly as Rico licks and laps his ball. Butta stands ready for a nice cumshot but what he couldn't expect what happened next. With the force of a Yellowstone geyser. Country Boy Jayy shoots his massive cumshot clear over Buttas head, hitting his face, neck and body with ropes of cream warm nutt.

Date Added: January 11, 2024


 Photos, 22 min of video


Rating: 4.2/5.0

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